Will Free InstagramViews do Good on your Image?


Instagram is not solely an excellent social media platform that allows users to effortlessly share some of their most preferred moments with loved ones and buddies but more than anything else it is a very effective service when it comes to expanding your circle. In addition, while you share a photo of your vacation in Maldives, you can almost immediately view and like a photo which others posted in their Instagram. In a nutshell, it’s definitely one great approach to share worth-remembering moments and photos that are wonderful to the eyes.



These days, innumerable number of companies, businesses and users spend most of their time in this social media platform so they can capture the attention of other users around the world. Needless to say, anyone can be instantly well-known today and your brand can immediately reach out to countless of potential customers out there. In point of fact, many famous celebrities at present became even more renowned with the help of various social media platforms available nowadays.

Indeed, whether you want to socialize, expand your business, make your brand known to the public, sell your product or service or showcase your skills and talents – it cannot be denied that you can make all things possible now without much struggle and consuming time. Thanks to the help of social media apps like Instagram!

Can free Instagram views be beneficial or this could possibly damage your reputation in the social media world?

In truth, attempting to get famous is not a piece of cake unless you are already well-known, you are totally hot and good-looking, extremely skilled or talented, you are funny and capable of providing a good entertainment and you can capture wonderful photographs and the like. Today, there are available apps that claim to give users instant likes. However, such apps cannot guarantee you safety and privacy. So, if you think you cannot allow this to happen to you, then perhaps this is not a great option for you to consider.

Using such free Instagram views apps can be risky. This could imply that you are giving up your complete account data which can be something dangerous on your part. Of course, no matter how such apps assure you that your personal information will be kept private, you still cannot fully be at peace knowing that anytime your personal data can be disclosed without your knowledge. If popularity is something that you value more, then, probably this won’t be a serious concern on your part. When it comes to options like this, you’ve got to be mindful and carefully weigh the pros and cons of your decision.f2

Admit it or not, it gives you a good feeling when a lot of people like what you share and a lot of people follow you back. Many social media apps users wish to have huge following as this can offer them lots of irresistible opportunities and fame in an instant. If your followers are acquired in a natural way like you did not do anything to magically double the number of your followers, then this is somehow a good indication but trying to do some magic and using some apps that can bring you unauthentic followers is something that you must discreetly mull over. Options like this do not always mean they’re being generous as once you get trapped anything can happen.

How to possibly purchase followers?

There are many services available that claim to bolster users’ free Instagram views. In line with this, a lot of people say that these are effective in boosting your numbers at once. A few services provide this without cost while other services charge a certain fee.  For sure, there are numerous methods that users can consider but not all of these are 100% safe. Many users claim that it is easier to grow your following overnight and that it is just a matter of the amount you are determined to pay and the amount you are eager to spend in order to make yourself appear valuable.

It is worth mentioning that not all unauthentic followers are purchased. At times, firms have robots that are especially designed to spoof follow people in the hopes that they shall follow them back so they could spam them. The main idea here is that in the world of internet popularity, follows are not actually what they appear. Again, you decide whether this will benefit your reputation or not.  It is your choice.

Essentially, what is also very vital to understand here is that when you purchase fans or followers, you are not getting people who are eager to engage with you or interested to interact with you. This simply conveys that you are solely purchasing numbers. In like manner, after paying your fans or followers or interacting in assertive follower churn, then you’re likely to acquire a great deal of unauthentic accounts among your number.

The Bottom Line

Aside from being moral to purchase your Instagram followers and having the potentiality of having your account deleted or suspended, the number of followers you currently have is not really that substantial. Over and above, it is pivotal to make a great effort not to just merely play the numbers game and be dazzled with the number of likes or followers that some business out there has. It is also essential to work on establishing a community of people who are engrossed in you, your service or product. You shall most definitely harvest the perks if you do. It is good to know that there are so many methods to aid you do this.

As you can see, there are lots of natural means and magical ways to instantly increase the number of your following; however, whatever the outcomes of your decision are, make it a point that you are quite prepared for the result. Keep in mind that your choice can either make or break you. Consider carefully weighing which one truly matters to you – your reputation, your popularity or how you will build up your image, brand and service.

7 Types of Videos that attract the most Free Instagram Views


Instagram is a great place to flaunt your selfies. It is also a place where you create a big impact with your funny, motivational or educative videos. While starting out however, getting free Instagram views might seem like a big hassle, but then the videos start to increase as you become popular. Actually, your Instagram videos can turn to be big hits if only you understand what videos most people love to watch. Read the article below therefore and learn the secrets that have made some people see their videos have tens of thousands of views.



Funny Videos
If you have been on Instagram for a while, you probably have watched a few humorous videos. Most people love to be entertained after all, and this makes it a big deal to anyone who wants to attract more views and followers. If you have made a few people laugh before, you can also make a few hundreds of your followers laugh. And should they like your videos, it will only take a few weeks before you start seeing your videos hit thousands of views.
Practical Videos
Some people call them ‘how to’ videos, but all in all, practical videos are some of the most viewed videos on Instagram. And the good thing, practical videos can be easy to do, because their topics range from everything you do on a daily basis to the hard stuff people find difficult to understand. The only problem however, is that you have to understand your target market clearly and attract such people to be your Instagram followers.If you try to make videos about issues your followers don’t like however, they most probably won’t be interested to view your videos. As an added tip however, choose to post videos on topics people love to do, like cooking, applying makeup or how to buy an item online.
Dance Videos
If you are good at dancing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a celebrity on Instagram already. Dance videos on Instagram attract large numbers of free Instagram views. And the good thing, there is a huge audience who just visit Instagram to view dance moves. Unfortunately, the dance video niche is a little bit overpopulated, and you therefore have to standout if you have a dream of becoming a popular person through Instagram videos. The good thing though is that if you have this talent, you can surely make it on Instagram. And at the end of it all, dancing could turn out to be a career if your Instagram fan base fall in love with what you post.f2
Behind the Scenes Videos
You may think that people only love to see the end product, but most of them really yearn to know how you make such beautiful dresses for instance. And the good thing, you only have to show them a little bit of the behind the scenes action, before they turn out to be loyal fans. Musicians, actors, carpenters to part time activities could turn their behind the scenes activities into great Instagram video for instance. Businesses too can post behind the scenes videos for their fans to see the different angles of their company. In addition, even someone like you could turn a hobby into a great videos and receive high views from it but to make your content fresh, you could supplement your videos posts with informative texts and pictures.
Motivational and Inspiring Videos
In addition to being entertained, people love to be inspired or motivated. And if they love you, you could become an instant hit on Instagram with only a few motivational videos every week. However, people who tend to do well with motivational videos are mostly those who are successful in any field. If you are a business leader for instance, or someone who struggled to make it as an athlete, posting short Instagram videos to inspire your fans could have a great impact on your popularity. People love viewing and reviewing inspirational videos than they would do with normal videos. And this is likely to raise your free Instagram views counting to the thousands in just a short period of time.
Videos that Promote a Good Cause
Do you come from a neighborhood where senior citizens seem to have been forgotten? Is there a growing rate of intolerance in your neighborhood? Post an Instagram video about it. Tell your followers why peace and tolerance are of more benefit to them than violence is. And by enriching people with ideas on how they can change their environments and the society at large, you will in turn be increasing your popularity on this social network. To businesses as well, making such videos shows your role in corporate social responsibility, which can in turn make people to remain loyal to your product.
Great Deals Videos
If you are good at knowing what companies are offering shopping vultures at the moment, which stores are cheaper and what products have better value; you could be in turn to becoming a star on Instagram with your videos. You only need to attract the right audience to be your followers, and then you can start informing them about oncoming vultures and offers. However,the trick with such videos is to remain straight forward about the deals you are offering and to be the first at breaking this news. Otherwise, people will stop watching your videos if they get a faster means of knowing about these offers.
Finally, to make your videos attract even more free Instagram views, use every other tool the social network provides to push you r post out for people to see. Use meaningful hast tags for instance with every post you make. On the other hand, always make your videos timely, especially if they have content about current events. But most importantly, don’t bombard your fans with your videos. Make a schedule for posting your videos, so that you make regular posts but not too regular to annoy the fans.