7 Types of Videos that attract the most Free Instagram Views


Instagram is a great place to flaunt your selfies. It is also a place where you create a big impact with your funny, motivational or educative videos. While starting out however, getting free Instagram views might seem like a big hassle, but then the videos start to increase as you become popular. Actually, your Instagram videos can turn to be big hits if only you understand what videos most people love to watch. Read the article below therefore and learn the secrets that have made some people see their videos have tens of thousands of views.



Funny Videos
If you have been on Instagram for a while, you probably have watched a few humorous videos. Most people love to be entertained after all, and this makes it a big deal to anyone who wants to attract more views and followers. If you have made a few people laugh before, you can also make a few hundreds of your followers laugh. And should they like your videos, it will only take a few weeks before you start seeing your videos hit thousands of views.
Practical Videos
Some people call them ‘how to’ videos, but all in all, practical videos are some of the most viewed videos on Instagram. And the good thing, practical videos can be easy to do, because their topics range from everything you do on a daily basis to the hard stuff people find difficult to understand. The only problem however, is that you have to understand your target market clearly and attract such people to be your Instagram followers.If you try to make videos about issues your followers don’t like however, they most probably won’t be interested to view your videos. As an added tip however, choose to post videos on topics people love to do, like cooking, applying makeup or how to buy an item online.
Dance Videos
If you are good at dancing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a celebrity on Instagram already. Dance videos on Instagram attract large numbers of free Instagram views. And the good thing, there is a huge audience who just visit Instagram to view dance moves. Unfortunately, the dance video niche is a little bit overpopulated, and you therefore have to standout if you have a dream of becoming a popular person through Instagram videos. The good thing though is that if you have this talent, you can surely make it on Instagram. And at the end of it all, dancing could turn out to be a career if your Instagram fan base fall in love with what you post.f2
Behind the Scenes Videos
You may think that people only love to see the end product, but most of them really yearn to know how you make such beautiful dresses for instance. And the good thing, you only have to show them a little bit of the behind the scenes action, before they turn out to be loyal fans. Musicians, actors, carpenters to part time activities could turn their behind the scenes activities into great Instagram video for instance. Businesses too can post behind the scenes videos for their fans to see the different angles of their company. In addition, even someone like you could turn a hobby into a great videos and receive high views from it but to make your content fresh, you could supplement your videos posts with informative texts and pictures.
Motivational and Inspiring Videos
In addition to being entertained, people love to be inspired or motivated. And if they love you, you could become an instant hit on Instagram with only a few motivational videos every week. However, people who tend to do well with motivational videos are mostly those who are successful in any field. If you are a business leader for instance, or someone who struggled to make it as an athlete, posting short Instagram videos to inspire your fans could have a great impact on your popularity. People love viewing and reviewing inspirational videos than they would do with normal videos. And this is likely to raise your free Instagram views counting to the thousands in just a short period of time.
Videos that Promote a Good Cause
Do you come from a neighborhood where senior citizens seem to have been forgotten? Is there a growing rate of intolerance in your neighborhood? Post an Instagram video about it. Tell your followers why peace and tolerance are of more benefit to them than violence is. And by enriching people with ideas on how they can change their environments and the society at large, you will in turn be increasing your popularity on this social network. To businesses as well, making such videos shows your role in corporate social responsibility, which can in turn make people to remain loyal to your product.
Great Deals Videos
If you are good at knowing what companies are offering shopping vultures at the moment, which stores are cheaper and what products have better value; you could be in turn to becoming a star on Instagram with your videos. You only need to attract the right audience to be your followers, and then you can start informing them about oncoming vultures and offers. However,the trick with such videos is to remain straight forward about the deals you are offering and to be the first at breaking this news. Otherwise, people will stop watching your videos if they get a faster means of knowing about these offers.
Finally, to make your videos attract even more free Instagram views, use every other tool the social network provides to push you r post out for people to see. Use meaningful hast tags for instance with every post you make. On the other hand, always make your videos timely, especially if they have content about current events. But most importantly, don’t bombard your fans with your videos. Make a schedule for posting your videos, so that you make regular posts but not too regular to annoy the fans.

Using your creativity and liking to get likes can be a great source of information to many

If you like writing blog posts, then you can use the same to earn numerous free likes.  People on the social media network are always looking for something captivating and which will keep them busy.  Such blogs must be interesting enough to keep your audiences busy.  Once the comments and the likes start coming in, remember to once in a while post a comment between the discussions.  Such might seem to be a normal thing to do but without knowing, you will find that through that simple act you will increase your likes.

It is important to always keep check on the trend the discussion is taking and join in the discussion occasionally.  Users on social media give much attention when they realise that as the creator you have joined the discussion.  It makes you sound real and is your chance of finding more free likes.  If you want the discussion to go on for a while, remember to add a few comments every day to keep it lively.   As the discussion continues you will realise that newer people are able to join.

Why You Should Diversify Your Content To Engaging Your Free Followers

Even though you have attracted most of your free followers through the content you posting, a time comes when you run out of ideas. That is bound to happen in any writing fields so you should not be surprised. Even with an excellent blog, with time, it becomes hard to develop more relevant or interesting content going forward. How can one avoid this dead end?


The only option to avoid this is by diversifying your blogs to your fans. Consider posting related topics that don’t ultimately sway your followers from one end to the other because you may experience a mass unfollowing. Make the transition of your content in a smooth way such that it keeps the conversations going. Let it not catch your new free followers unawares because they will look for the unfollow button as fast as possible. Whereas your fans interests are at stake and comes first, keep your needs in front too. Avoid the struggle to keep the content interesting if at all your efforts are running out. That is why you need to be future-oriented at all times.


Using Twitter Likes to Show Approval

Twitter likes are a good way to show that you agree with what other people are tweeting. It is a good feature to use for your business. Liking the tweet is a sign that you approve what they are saying or you can relate to the whole thing. This also translates to when people like your tweets. It means that they are in agreement with what you have posted. It is a good tool to have so as to boost your business.

When people like your tweet it shows their approval of what your tweet was about. This actually attracts the attention of other people to your tweet. You can use this mentality to post informative topics alongside those related to your business. This way your post gets more twitter likes and eventually more views from twitter followers. When people see that others approve your tweet it is almost normal for them to look at it and most likely approve it also. It thus helps people show their approval of your tweet and also for you to show approval of other people’s tweet.

The New Way to Grow Your Business

Social Media has managed to stand out in the world of today as a great marketing tool. There are so many businesses that have managed to report higher and higher sales simply by choosing to use social media to get word about their businesses out there. It is important that you understand ten very important role that social media plays in the world of today. A very high percentage of the world population depends on social media to keep in touch with friends and family and also to get information. That being said, putting your information on social media will work very well to create awareness for your business.

You can even choose to use a social panel. This will simply means that you are integrating your website with your social media platforms. Have a panel for twitter or a panel for Instagram on your website. The panel will show the posts on your Instagram page or on your twitter page and will work very well to announce your social media presence. People will get to see you out of theformalwebsite environment and they will know where to turn on social media in case they need to interact with you.

Why you should never underestimate the value of time in social media

There is a very important factor that most of people never take note of when seeking for Instagram likes – Time.  Do you know that if you want to capture attention, you should be on the platform at the same time as the same group you are targeting?  Get to know when your target groups are active and use that effectively.  If you want to post something interesting and captivating, you will do so when people are relaxed.  You cannot post such kind of a caption when in a classroom setting.  Timing would be wrong here.

Post captivating captions or videos when your target groups are out of their daily activities are either relaxing or just want to get to sleep.  This will keep the captivated as they do not have a lot on their hands at the same time.  Never ever underestimate the value of time when seeking of Instagram likes.  It is so crucial or otherwise you might not find followers or likes at all if post it when everybody else is busy to check their postings.

How does Automatic Retweets help your SEO?

It may seem obscure but twitter and in effect retweets help your SEO. A practical example is all the businesses that are using twitter as part of their business strategy. There are various ways that automatic retweets could benefit you. For starters, you can get more rankings. Having a lot of retweets on your SEO improves your rankings among other SEO’s the trick here is not to overuse them such that the number of retweets seems outrageous. You need numbers that are believable even though they are bought.
They help your ranking if you are using tweets to promote your businesses URL. This is because the retweets are used and your Google appearance is improved. Your business can finally move from the 3rd page of the Google searches to the second or the first. This is important as most people do not go from the first page or second page of Google. Even if you are desperate, the furthest you get to is the fourth page. An improvement in ranking using automatic retweets will be very helpful in increasing your visibility.

Why one should Buy Twitter Automatic Favorites

Today Twitter is among the most popular social media sites on the internet. According to Alexa.com, it is the # 8 most gone to site. Numerous individuals use twitter to link and share things by sending out billions of tweets every day!

Twitter is an essential social media for us. The significance for twitter is not just because of the large amount of promotion you can get in its platform, however likewise because of the way, online search engine deal with the social media. It has won leading concern on the algorithms of Google offering it the additional edge in concerns to Search Engine Optimization.

Why Purchase Twitter favorites?

The amount of favorites in your tweet represents its appeal. It really resembles likes on Instagram and Facebook. Those who like you tweet either can retweet it or do mark it preferred. To have a popular page you should have retweets, great deals of followers and favorites in your profile. You can get Twitter Automatic Favorites, to grow your appeal rapidly. Simply having numerous Twitter followers is simply insufficient. What are needed are great deals of experience on your Twitter follower. Prior to you acquire real and active followers, you can buy Twitter Automatic Favorites.


Automatic Likes; a Crucial Currency

Automatic likes are being used by so many people to make money. For starters we have the providers who have designed softwares that help you get the likes. These are the top of the chain because without them then the likes would not be there at all. However, even if you are at the consumer end you can also make money from it all. The automatic likes have a lot of benefits which you can use and translate into a money making opportunity for yourself.

Businesses often look for individuals to act as their ambassadors and promote their products. You could be required to mention their product on your social media posts and attract people to view what they are all about. The likes help in this case since the many you have the more visibility. This has to be accompanied with having many followers or many friends or the whole calculations will not add up. In such case you get paid by commission so the more people you get to view the site the more you get paid.

Are Instagram likes really crucial?

Instagram is an amazing way to get “likes” on your images. The procedure to use the marketing service is not incredibly hard and useful for all people. Despite if you desire to make an additional amount of sales or are yearning to include acknowledgment in your group of friends, Instagram is the appropriate place to start that you need to go immediately. The order treatment deals with info that is specific and is easy. You need to make a decision if get thousands of likes in your pictures or you require to obtain hundreds of followers.

Why should you Purchase Instagram Likes?

Instagram is among the social media apps that help to promote numerous upcoming artists. Whether you are thinking about photography, print making,image or toning, Instagram is a website you need to use to promote your profession. Simply much like a market, you need to display your products if you wish to get interest. To provide the same result online, you will have the ability to acquire Instagram likes.

Top Strategy for attracting many Kiwi Followers

Just like being on Facebook or twitter, it feels great when you are the most followed person on Kiwi or you have many positive replies and comments to your posts. However, the challenge to getting popular on Kiwi is as real as in any other social network. But it is all possible if you device a strategy to win you more attention from Kiwi users. For starters, complete your profile and make it look unique. Use a professional name if you your interest lies in matters people take very seriously. Come up with a unique pseudo-name if that’s the path you want to go, and ensure that you make it clear to many of your kiwi followers the type of user you want to be labeled.

And making things clear, define what kind of user you are by the type of questions you will be engaging people with, how you reply to other people’s questions, and how swift you are at replying to comments. Be a good marketer as well, and ensure that you interact with as many people as possible so that you may increase your following.

Safety When Purchasing Snapchat Followers.

With no time to put in place several factors used towards gaining more Snapchat followers, most users are opting to buy the same from the vendors in the market. Though there are risks involved in this line of amassing followers like having your account being suspended, many users on this platform are still going for it. It is the only option to go for if the benefits outweigh the risks. It is for such precautions that you need a provider that knows what should be done to bypass set regulations by Snapchat administrators.

There are many providers with different charges and various packages to choose from. It is important to look for good rates that will fit your budget and deliver quality services without compromise. Consider taking the time to shop around for the best one with good reviews and reputation from his or her previous clients. Don’t just fall for online reviews that you come across while browsing. Inquire the same from that client that put up the review to ascertain if it is true as stated. Most of those selling Snapchat followers are providing fake non-existing reviews to dupe unsuspecting customers.f1

Can you Determine the Number of your Snapchat Followers?

Admit it or not, many users are concerned about the number of their Snapchat followers. While it is true that it is not really that important to have huge following if your account is only for personal use, the case is different if you use this social media app for money-making ventures. In actuality, majority of the people who join social media sites hope to expand their circle and reach out to a remarkable number of people worldwide to widen their network and opportunities.

If you wish to determine how many Snapchat followers you presently have, the reality is that this is a bit tough to point out. It is worth mentioning that this social media platform is concealing how many followers a user has and for a fact the number of a user’s followers is interchanged with a score.

Due to this, it is very pivotal to understand that the score here actually refers to the sum of the amount of message that the user sends and receives. In other words, this implies that this does not necessarily demonstrate how many followers a user has. Now, the question is, if that is the case, how could you possibly determine how many followers you have?

Here are a few steps to consider on how to somehow measure the number of your followers in Snapchat:

  • First, learn how many times people log in to Snapchat. Please be guided that there are roughly 67% of users who check their account every day. That said, this clearly means that your followers are probably doing the same thing. Therefore, users can always take the highest number of their views through the stories they share in Snapchat.

Then, you can try multiplying by the 2/3. The product to this calculation pertains to the estimated number of your followers in this social media platform.f2

  • In case you think and feel that such computation aforementioned above does not work for you, then, you can consider the tools available on the web which you could utilize to measure how many followers you presently have. Such tools can help you evaluate your story and assist you when it comes to how outstanding you are performing.

If you have huge following, you can have better opportunities of being hired by popular brands as well as prominent companies and you can work to promote products and services- this is especially advantageous if you aim to have extra earnings, be renowned and expand your network.

To do so, you can begin by posting and sharing useful and attention-grabbing snapshots and contents and from there you will have more followers. In the same way, it won’t be long for you to captivate the attention of well-known and highly acclaimed companies and popular brands. Such move can definitely help you make your dreams come true, boost sales if you are an entrepreneur and be lucrative in your money-making ventures.

Undeniably, social media platforms these days can help people in so many ways provided that they are used wisely and in a more beneficial way!


Why Underage Kids Are Among Your Kiwi Followers.

Engagements like responding to questions, liking and reposting posted questions is a sure way of gaining Kiwi followers for the first timers on this social media platform. Whether friends or strangers, the logic here is to ask questions and get responses with your right profile or on an anonymous profile. Even as we seek to increase our Kiwi followers by participating in such, care and safety should remain paramount at all times.


The ability to set your account to the anonymous state is attracting many young people to this social media app since they can ask and question about anything without being discovered or reprimanded. Isn’t it a time bomb likely to injure our future society that is hiding behind this app and acting like mature persons? While seeking for followers, who checks at the profiles of those we follow and those following us to ascertain if they are adults on not? Hiding behind the computer and using the anonymity option is the greatest risk in this app. What if the content under discussion is of adult nature but those contributing much are under age?